Amy Sol
Glowing halo-bright, rippling rich with blushing tones, as fine-featured as Guinevere looking down from atop Joyous Gard, and just as regally fey, Amy Sol’s work feels like the coalescing of many mythic souls and even more secret wishes into solid carapaces of ethereal charm.

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I always had a thing for hand animated camera move and turn around…
I can’t tell exactly why…
probably cause it gives me the feeling I can manage everything and show exactly what I have in my head.
that can seems stupid but it makes me feel like, sculpting the animation more than drawing it.

DANG! Anyone know what these are from?

Credits Please cause these are awesome. 

Hey ethevagabond.  I tried, but unfortunately, I could only identify the first, MYOSIS.

Hi everyone… sorry to answer so late
the first is a shot I did in Myosis”(link)
the second was an ”exercice”(link) in 1st year at gobelins
the third is a shot I animated for the short ”Oni”(link) realized with friend as an FX exercise.
the last (it was the more painful to do) is a shot extracted from our opening for the Annecy animation Festival ”Hurley’s Irish”(link)

enjoy ;)

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Legends of Jazz Portraits by Garth Glazier

To capture that dimly lit, smoke-choked atmosphere of the 40’s and 50’s-era clubs is to feel the jazz in your bloodstream and tap your toes to the meter. For his portrait series, Garth gathered a certified Super Team of Earth’s Mightiest Jazz Heroes: Fitzgerald! Thelonious! Gillepsie! Coltrane! Assemble!

Artist: Behance / Website

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lines are by nevernoahh!!! 

It was pretty fun coloring this lineart, so thank you for providing them!! <33

Also thank you to all my followers who gave me tips on the color scheme of her dress! I really love you all <3

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Batman: Arkham Origins Cold, Cold Heart DLC released, new trailer and screens

New DLC unearths the tragic origin story of Mr. Freeze and how he became one of Batman’s arch nemeses.

View the trailer here.

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inFAMOUS Second Son

by XaiMika

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artist: Chen Bo set 2

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getting back into the swing of drawing after a long dry spell 

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